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Oxford Design Week Focuses on Multimedia Handset and Handset and Network Design

Thu, 09/18/2003 - 9:37am
This year’s RTT Oxford Design Week to be held at St Anne’s College, Oxford from the 30th June to the 3rd July will be focussing on multi-media handset and network design.

The four-day programme consists of three tracks, a system track led by Geoff Varrall, an RF track led by Roger Belcher and a DSP track led by Andrew Bateman.

The System track covers handset hardware (Day 1), handset software (Day 2), network hardware (Day 3) and network software (Day 4).

The RF track covers RF device and design options for handsets and node B.

The DSP track covers core DSP building blocks for handsets and node B, fundamental algorithms for handset and node B design, DSP device and design options and DSP’s in network hardware.

Delegates may attend individual days or all four days with overnight accommodation in college.


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