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Micronetics, Inc.

Tue, 09/02/2003 - 8:59am

One of the most significant advancement of Micronetics noise product is the patent pending dithering module. The dithering module allows users an easy way to increase sensitivity by increasing spurious free dynamic range(SFDR). Confused? Multi-stage High-speed A/D converters produce spurs caused by the stack up of quantization errors along the stages. A technique called dithering can mitigate these. This is achieved by adding out-of band noise to the signal by using this module. Previously engineers had to struggle with figuring out how to bias a noise diode, amplify it without resonance, filter it and combine it with the signal. This often required so much engineering effort, it was easier to deal with reduced SFDR. Micronetics is aware that the trend in communication is digital, while packing as much data per unit bandwidth as is physically possible. This will mean more and higher speed A/D converters and the increased need for dithering.

Micronetics is developing technology to bring the benefits of noise to the masses. Noise can improve wireless communications in a myriad of ways; jamming, channel simulation, or as totally random number generators for the ultimate in secure communications and also to measure noise figure and spectral gain of an amplifier or receiver. Noise sources have been a luxury item that only very expensive systems could afford. Micronetics will continue to develop technology to change this image; offering lower cost surface-mount application specific designs suited for high volume circuits without sacrificing performance and stability. There has never been a "Model T" of noise sources and modules — until now.


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