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Micron Technology, Inc.

Tue, 09/02/2003 - 8:59am

Jan du Preez, Vice President of Networking and Communications Group

Micron Technology, Inc., designs and manufactures DRAM, Flash memory, CMOS image sensors and other semiconductor products for a variety of applications. Access to information is driving a plethora of new non-PC applications with unique memory needs. A proliferation of devices supporting the access to information exists, and the functionality of these portable personal information devices continues to increase. The demand for additional functionality in personal information devices is limitless. These non-PC applications continue to spur demand for more memory, as well as create additional need in the market to meet the various memory requirements of diverse applications.

The wireless market is a notable emerging, high-growth non-PC market driving memory consumption and diversification. New wireless handsets require a unique combination of performance, low power, low cost, and adequate manufacturing volumes. Micron is developing memory architectures meeting this market's growing demands. A significant technological advance addressing this market is Micron's CellularRAM™ memory.

CellularRAM memory is Micron's answer to handset designers' demands for a faster, more efficient, and simpler design in a high-throughput memory subsystem. CellularRAM combines SRAM's minimal power consumption with a much lower cost-per-bit to create the perfect answer for high-performance wireless handsets.

Micron anticipates significant advancement in memory technology and memory architectures over the next ten years. Segmentation of the technology market and the various performance capabilities required by diverse applications will drive continued complexity and diversity in the memory market. Memory products in mobile and consumer applications will need to continue to consume less power, require less space and move to lower latency. In addition, the volatility of the memory market will drive continued gains in efficiency and reductions in cost. This will require continued advances in process technologies and new materials and processes.

Potentially one of the most exciting developments in the future of semiconductors will be the integration of the key attributes of all three major memory capabilities, DRAM, Flash and SRAM, into a single device creating the perfect memory solution. As it is difficult to predict the innovation of new technologies over ten years, Micron's technological contribution over the next five years will leverage Micron's current core competencies and expertise in DRAM manufacturing. Addressing the wireless/mobile market, Micron will continue to focus on advancing its' low-power, mobile SDRAM architecture. Over the next five years we anticipate the evolution of Mobile SDRAM products to overcome many of the self refresh, temperature and power challenges with internal capabilities to compensate for these functions.


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