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MaxStream, Inc.

Tue, 09/02/2003 - 8:59am

By Brad Walters, CEO & President

MaxStream develops and manufactures wireless modem modules and stand-alone radio modems for the wireless device networking market. We have developed proprietary filtering and modulation/demodulation techniques that allow for phenomenal levels of interference immunity within the 900 MHz & 2.4 GHz ISM transmission bands. This unique interference immunity coupled with MaxStream's coveted receiver sensitivity specifications allow for reliable, long range, wireless communication regardless of neighboring pager and cell phone traffic. MaxStream's ability to achieve excellent receiver sensitivity has "raised the bar" in the industry by offering products that communicate two to eight times the range of the industry's average wireless module or stand-alone radio modem. In particular, MaxStream's receiver sensitivity specifications have opened the wireless market up to longer-range communication.

The future looks bright for the wireless device networking market. Ubiquitous computing (computers everywhere) is becoming more of a reality as sensors, vehicles, appliances and all manner of electronic devices are becoming equipped to transmit data via remote and internet-enabled monitoring and control software. Wireless networking makes sense for these devices as it provides low cost, remote and mobile methods of deployment. MaxStream will continually be developing lower cost hardware and more robust software to remove budget, integration and deployment barriers that exist in wireless product design. We believe that as hardware becomes more efficient and affordable, the level of supporting software (providing advanced networking capabilities, flexibility, ease of use, etc.) will determine the leaders in the ever-growing wireless device networking market.


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