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Tue, 09/02/2003 - 8:59am

Mr. Adrian Lalicata, VP Engineering

For three decades CTI has been an innovator in high-performance frequency generation and synthesis. Whether the critical parameter was spurious or phase noise in frequency synthesizers or DROs, CTI has consistently provided the best value in the industry. At CTI, the company philosophy has always been to design conservatively and to commit new product to production only after it has been rigorously and conclusively tested, and after a reasonable degree of reliability has been established. With a diverse product line that is continuously challenged to generate improved solutions, it is not easy to isolate a single advance as the most significant technologically. But it can be said that the most significant advance contributed by CTI in the last decade has been the standardization of previously exotic and expensive technologies into affordable and reliable products with uniform performance. During the "wireless" explosion of the 90s aggressively competing customers demanded PDROs with state-of-the-art phase noise and military-like environmental performance at unprecedented low prices. CTI was instrumental in the development and qualification of a sampling phase detector that has been implemented and manufactured in large scale by a prominent microwave semiconductor manufacturer. An even more critical component in a PDRO with a self-contained reference is the ovenized crystal oscillator. Oven stabilized crystal oscillators satisfying almost any temperature stability are commonplace components. CTI met the stability-cost challenge with the successful development of an ovenized crystal oscillator where the crystal is mounted on a heater of proprietary geometry printed on the PC board. Capitalizing on these innovations and many others CTI has been able to field tens of thousands of PDROs with solid and reliable performance that are still found today in many point-to-point and point-to-multipoint radios, and in Satcom converters.

As competition will become fiercer, system integrators will force sub-systems and component manufacturers to reduce prices. CTI believes that the next decade will be a period when price will be negotiated even before the required performance is officially established. And one can be sure that this eventual performance will be more stringent than ever before. CTI is prepared to meet this challenge with an established extensive R&D program and with Engineering and Manufacturing staffs with impressive accumulated experience. Extending the achievements of the PDRO product line, CTI will concentrate in improving phase noise by reducing the noise floor of the phase-lock loop. The next decade will see more demand for sub-microsecond switching direct frequency synthesizer as the military establishment increases their budget. But a forming new commercial market will add to the demand. Manufacturers of complex wireless ICs need to speed up testing at the wafer level as well as during sample testing. Such commercial applications run on a tight test equipment budget, and CTI has been aware of these needs and has launched the development of the DS microwave frequency synthesizer product line.


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