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Wed, 07/30/2003 - 9:51am

Agilent introduces Baseband Studio, a product family dedicated to reducing baseband design iterations by providing a digital, IF, RF or microwave signal stimulus that emulates real-world signal conditions. Baseband Studio applications help reduce design iterations and cost of test in the cellular, wireless networking, and aerospace/defense industries. The applications work with Agilent E4438C ESG and E8267C PSG vector signal generators. Baseband Studio includes four products that enable three applications: fading, waveform streaming, and digital outputs. Agilent N5115A Baseband Studio for fading provides digitally integrated single- and dual-channel fading simulation of baseband signals generated by the ESG as well as calibrated additive white Gaussian noise (AWGN) in a single solution that is easy to set up. Agilent N5110A Baseband Studio for waveform streaming allows extremely long waveform files residing on a PC hard drive to be streamed to an ESG or PSG vector signal generator. Agilent N5101A Baseband Studio PCI card enables the fading and waveform streaming software applications. Agilent N5102A Baseband Studio digital signal interface module allows the ESG and PSG vector signal generators to output baseband signals in digital I/Q or intermediate frequency (IF) formats, including the required data format, clock features and signaling.; (800) 452-4884, ext. 7836


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