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Internal Antennas

Wed, 07/02/2003 - 9:56am

Centurion announces the Waterproof Internal Mercury™ antenna for automotive communications systems. The tri-band antenna enhances in-vehicle cellular phone performance and provides a GPS tracking capability. The antenna, supporting PCS, AMPS, and GPS frequency bands, is designed for telematics systems. In addition to operating in a temperature range of – 40 to 70°C, a storage temperature of – 40 to 85°C, the antenna can operate in up to 95% RH humidity at 65°C. The antenna features a 3 dBi nominal gain and linear polarization for AMPS and PCS, and a 30 dBi gain and RHCP polarization for GPS. Available connectors include a TNC Patch Connector and an SMA GPS connector.

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