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Frequency Translator

Tue, 07/08/2003 - 11:09am

SaRonix announces the SFT100 Series synchronous frequency translator, a fully debugged and modular solution. This product provides all-in-one, pre-tested functionality for use in communications linecards, service termination cards, chained servers, and a variety of other platforms needing reliable, low-jitter performance between 1.544 and 77.76 MHz. The SFT100 series incorporates PLL and phase detection circuitry in a 14-pin 20 × 19 × 4.8 mm, single-sided true surface-mount package. During regular operation, the device produces a low-jitter output frequency that is locked to a user-selectable reference input clock. The unit also features two output status alarms that indicate whether the unit is successfully locked to the reference input or if the reference input has been lost. The SFT100 Series accepts a LVCMOS reference input of 8, 16, 32, or 64 kHz as standard or 19.44 MHz by request, selectable through a 2-wire pair, to generate an extremely low-jitter LVCMOS output of a higher frequency that is synchronized with the input. The output frequency may be specified in the range of 1.544 to 77.76 MHz. When locked to the reference, jitter generation is less than 0.001UI, while period jitter (1-sigma RMS) is less than 5 ps when oscillating in the unlocked, free-run mode. A 3.3V supply powers the device with overall current consumption around 120 mA.; (800) 227-8974


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