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CDMA Software Suite

Wed, 07/30/2003 - 9:17am

Morrow Technologies introduces their CDMA software suite for use with their VC-900 and VC-PCS spectrum analyzers. The CDMA software gives wireless providers continuous True Real-Time Remote Monitoring of critical base station parameters. An analyzer equipped with the CDMA software enables field teams to pinpoint anomalies in base station performance. This is done using measurements of Rho, PN offset error, EVM, frequency error, code channel power and carrier feedthrough. Morrow's VC-900 covers a frequency range of 800 MHz to 1000 MHz and the VC-PCS covers 1800 MHz to 2000 MHz. The analyzers are also configurable with three inputs for monitoring base station sectors. An optional internal calibrator automatically maintains long-term measurement and accuracy.


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