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Dual Comparator IC

Fri, 05/30/2003 - 11:38am

STMicroelectronics introduces a monolithic IC that includes two comparators and a shunt voltage reference. The comparators in the TSM109 work from a supply voltage of ± 1 V to ± 18 V and have ESD protection up to 1.5 kV. The comparators draw a supply current of 1.1 mA, independent of the supply voltage, and need an input bias current of 25 nA (typical). The input offset voltage is ± 1 mV (typical). The input common-mode voltage range includes ground. The output saturation voltage is 250 mV (typical), at an IO of 4 mA and the differential input voltage range is equal to the supply voltage. The voltage reference offers a fixed Vref of 2.5 V, with a 0.4% and 1% voltage precision and will sink between 1 mA and 100 mA of current.; (781) 861-2650


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