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DC/DC Regulators

Fri, 05/30/2003 - 11:46am

The LT1766EFE and LT1956EFE are two constant frequency step-down switching regulators that include a 1.5 A internal switch. Both switching regulators operate within a VIN range of 5.5 V to 60 V, and can deliver up to 1.25 A of continuous output current at voltages as low as 1.25 V. the LT1766EFE utilizes a 200 kHz switching frequency. The LT1956EFE switches at a frequency or 500 kHz. Both devices utilize a high efficiency 1.5 A, 0.20 ohm switch, with the necessary oscillator, control, and logic circuitry integrated into a single die. Supply current is 2.5 mA, while shutdown current is reduced to 25 μA.; (408) 432-1900


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