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Fri, 05/30/2003 - 11:46am

Altium announces a technology that enables engineers to us board-level design methodologies to both design and implement a digital system, including embedded microprocessor cores and the software that runs on them, onto an FPGA. The board-on-chip system includes mixed schematic/VHDL design capture; integrated software development; processor core packs that combine pre-synthesized processor cores with matching compiler, simulator and debugger; schematic component libraries containing a range of pre-synthesized components including common peripheral devices, 74xxx series logic and a range of communication and interface components; primitive and macro libraries; "virtual" instruments such as logic analyzers and frequency counters that can be built into the design for test purposes; and a board-on-chip development board with an FPGA that functions as a breadboard and allows implementation of the design directly from the engineer's PC onto the FPGA.


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