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Surface Mount Diplexer

Tue, 04/29/2003 - 7:27am

Model 2KCZ30-800/H1900 is designed for use on dual-band transceiver cards, whereby a single wide-band input can be split into separate cellular/PCS band specific paths, or two separate band specific paths can be combined to form a single wide band output. The device is configured as two filters, one highpass and one lowpass, with one port of each filter diplexed into a common junction, creating a 3-junction device. Offering a low passband of 800 to 900 MHz and high passband of 1750 to 2000 MHz, the device offers low insertion loss of 0.5 dB maximum for low passband and 0.7 dB maximum for high passband channels. The device offers alternate band rejection of 50 dB minimum, wideband isolation (800 to 2000 MHz) of 20 dB minimum and high return loss in each passband of 15 dB minimum. Passband power handling of the device is rated at 500 mW with an operating/storage temperature range of – 40°C to +85°C.


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