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ESD Protected Connectors

Tue, 04/29/2003 - 7:27am


Spectrum Control Series E connectors are capable of providing ESD/EFT and EMI protection all in one package, removing ground traces from the board and offering protection at the I/O ports and to all lines. The metallic front shell also provides low ground impedance. These connectors free up real estate by reducing the number of components necessary to protect circuits from ESD/EFT/EMI. Series E connectors are available in footprints of .318 inches, .405 inches, and .590 inches and may be utilized as drop-in replacements for unprotected connectors. connectors are available with or without capacitance values, up to 2200 pF. Connectors with capacitance values less than 1/2 pF are for use in digital or extremely high-speed signal lines. Maximum working voltage ratings range from 3.5 to 30.0 (VDC) and 2.5 to 25.0 (VAC). Shell sizes 9, 15, 25, and 37 are offered in a variety of contact types/terminations and mounting or hardware options.


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