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WLAN Chip Solution

Mon, 12/02/2002 - 6:08am

Intersil Corporation announced PRISM GT, its new 2-chip WLAN solution. PRISM GT will enable a new generation of high-data-rate platforms for operation in the 2.4 GHz spectrum that delivers a three-fold increase in throughput over currently marketed 802.11b+. Lower power consumption is also realized compared to systems operating in the 5 GHz spectrum. The PRISM GT transceiver is an RF-to-baseband solution that takes high frequency radio waves and directly converts them to baseband signals during reception, or directly up-converts them from the low-level baseband signal to radio frequency during transmission. This architecture completely eliminates the need for the intermediate frequency (IF) stage found in most radios. Eliminating the IF stage reduces complexity, bill-of-materials (BOM) and manufacturing costs, as well as enabling smaller form factors appropriate for portable, handheld devices.


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