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Fanout Buffers

Mon, 12/02/2002 - 5:50am

The latest additions to Micrel's Precision Edge™ Timing & Distribution family, the SY89831, SY89832/2, and SY89834 are high speed, precision LVPECL and LVDS 1:4 fanout buffers. The devices are designed with a unique input stage that includes internal termination and the ability to accept any differential input source, whether the input signal is AC-coupled or DC-coupled. No external components are required in the signal path. The SY89831U operates from a 2.5 or 3.3 V supply. Skew within the device is guaranteed to be less than 20 ps, and rise-and-fall times are less than 225 ps. The SY89854 is optimized for applications that require LVPECL outputs from a single-ended LVTTL/CMOS source. For applications that require LVDS outputs, the SY89832 operates from a 2.5 V supply, and the SY89833 operates from a 3.3 V supply.


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