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Thu, 12/26/2002 - 8:57am

Lucix introduces a 21 GHz DRO design that give a low phase noise of – 120 dBc/Hz at 100 kHz offset. These DROs come in various types: Free Running DRO (FRDRO), Externally Referenced DRO (ERDRO), and Internally Referenced DRO (IRDRO). They are available in medium power units of 7 dBm to 15 dBm and high power units of 16 dBm to 21 dBm. Harmonics are – 45 dBc. Spurious is – 85 dBc. Operating temperature is – 40 to +70°C. Reference frequency is 25 MHz to 500 MHz (ERDROs only). Reference power is – 10 dBm to +10 dBm (ERDROs only). Supply voltage is 5 V (FRDRO), 9 to 16 V (ERDRO), and 12 V (IRDRO). Supply current is 45 ma (FRDRO), 135 ma (ERDRO), and 285 ma (IRDRO).


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