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CDMA Front End Receiver

Mon, 12/02/2002 - 6:08am

RF Micro Devices announces the RF2860 broadband front end receiver for CDMA PCS applications. The RF2860 is a low-cost, highly integrated broadband solution that features an integrated transmit (TX) local oscillator (LO) buffer amplifier. The RF2860 is assembled in a reduced size 3 × 3 mm footprint package and is designed to optimize board space in CDMA handsets. The RF2860 features ESD protection on all pins. The RF2860 is designed to exceed the IS-98B/D interim standard for CDMA PCS communications. The RF2860 amplifies and downconverts RF signals while providing 21.5 dB of stepped gain control range. The front end offers adjustable IIP3 of the mixer and the LNA, using an off-chip current setting resistor to allow for minimum DC current consumption. The RF2860 exhibits 1.8 dB cascaded noise figure, 28 dB cascaded gain and 㪣.0 dBm cascaded input IP3 while consuming 27.5 mA of current. The broadband design makes the RF2860 an ideal solution for CDMA US PCS and Korean PCS systems as well as IMT-2000, 2.4 GHz band and GPS applications in all major markets.


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