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Millitary/Tactical Cable Brochure

Fri, 11/01/2002 - 6:57am


The Military/Tactical Field Deployable Antenna Feeder Cables brochure covers 50 Ohm ruggedized, flexible cables. Both electrical and mechanical details are provided to aid the system designer in the selection of RF cables for applications required for multiple reeling, including military, security, and high reliability commercial applications. Included in the brochure are several families of cables designed to withstand the rigors of repeated bending and handling, while providing low loss and VSWR at frequencies up to 18 GHz and higher. QEAM™ cables provided as complete cable assemblies with stainless steel connectors, offer excellent reliability and performance. T-Com® and LLSB™ cables are suitable for less demanding applications and are available as either assemblies or as bulk cables, with a variety of connectors offered.


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