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IGBT Family

Wed, 09/11/2002 - 5:17am
STMicroelectronics introduces a family of IGBTs optimized for use in motor control equipment and high-frequency inverters where short-circuit protection is necessary. The parts are based on high-voltage PowerMESH™ technology, which uses a patented strip layout. The K family IGBTs offer short-circuit withstand time of 10 ms. The devices trade off speed and voltage drop to meet the needs of modern control systems whose operating frequency is higher than in the past, but which also need high efficiency to cut acoustic and energy pollution for industrial and home appliances. The trade-off between voltage drop (VCE(sat)), switching speed (tfall) and overall power losses has been optimized for a range of frequencies between 5 kHz and 25 kHz. The use of tailored high-speed, low and soft reverse-recovery charge (Qrr) freewheeling diodes helps reduce EMI and current spikes.

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