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PTFE Wire Insulation

Thu, 08/01/2002 - 11:07am
CDT Seamless Wrap PTFE tape improves handling and mechanical performance of PTFE-insulated wire and jacketed cable by virtually eliminating the mechanical "weak points" of the seams caused by tape overlap in conventional PTFE tape wrapping. Seamless Wrap provides a truly homogenous layer of PTFE tape over the wire or cable. Seamless Wrap insulation / jacket strips cleanly using standard equipment, with no fraying or delaminating. Its smooth surface also enhances crisp, clear laser marking for permanent, legible identification, providing 66% contrast on average. Wires and cables with Seamless Wrap insulation and jacket also exhibit abrasion resistance that is improved at both ambient and elevated temperatures. This makes them ideal for use in applications such as aircraft wiring, automotive systems, motion control equipment, or any other environment where wires and cables are subject to chafing or vibration, or scrape abrasion during installation or in use. Seamless Wrap insulation and jackets can be supplied on any wires or cables that currently use a conventional PTFE tape insulation or jacket, including many MIL-spec wires and cables.

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