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Low Distortion Amplifier

Tue, 06/18/2002 - 12:41pm
The AD8007 high-speed current-feedback amplifier features low distortion (– 80 dB at 20 MHz) and low noise, all while drawing 9 mA. This high speed amplifier has 600 MHz of bandwidth (G = +1) and a slew rate of 1000 volts per microsecond. The AD8007 features a second harmonic distortion of – 88 dB at 5 MHz and – 80 dB at 20 MHz, while the third harmonic distortion is – 101 dB at 5 MHz and – 84 dB at 20 MHz. Noise specs are at 2.7 nV/rt Hz and 22.5 pA/rt Hz. The AD8007 is ideal for use in IF and baseband amplifiers, filters, ADC drivers and DAC buffers.

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