Product Releases

L-Band VCO

Tue, 06/04/2002 - 9:36am
The V602ME20 generates frequencies between 1580 and 1810 MHz within 0.25 to 4.75 V DC of control voltage. This VCO exhibits a clean spectral signal of – 100 dBc/Hz, typically, at 10 kHz from the carrier and is ideal for terrestrial applications operating from a 4.5 V DC source while drawing 10 mA. The V602ME20 suppresses the second harmonic to better than – 20 dBc and operates over an extended temperature range of – 40 to 85°C. this oscillator delivers an output power level of 1.5 ± 3.5 dBm into a 50 Ω load while pushing less than 5 MHz/V within a 5% change of the supply voltage and pulling less than 5 MHz with a 14 dB return loss, any phase.

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