Product Releases

Integrated Transceiver Modules

Tue, 06/04/2002 - 9:35am


Signal Technology introduced low-cost, integrated transceiver modules for FSK-type digital microwave radios. The units are aimed at low to medium capacity applications with data rates from 1 - 45 Mb/s. These units consist of the Tx upconverter, Rx downconverter, a single internal Local Oscillator, and all DC conditioning/distribution. The transmitter section includes the upconverter mixer, image and LO filtering, and saturated power amplification to 100 - 200 mW. The receiver chain includes the LNA, downconverter mixer with image filtering, and 1st IF amplification. The Local Oscillator is self-contained and incorporates a C-band VCO/prescalar, and all necessary frequency multiplication to upconvert the VCO output to the desired LO band for proper Rx and Tx mixing. The end-user provides the DC supply voltages, Tx IF input, Rx RF input from the antenna, and the Vtune voltage to complete the PLL. Common platforms are used to insure high bill of materials similarity from 13 - 38 GHz.

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