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Dual Resistor/Capacitor Snubber Network Series

Tue, 06/04/2002 - 9:36am
Electronic Concepts announced a series of film-foil capacitors that have externally mounted resistors for direct connection to standard ultra fast rectifiers in MD3CC packages, for snubbing high frequency switching transient in switch-mode power supplies.

The RCN Snubber Network offers superior performance because of a direct mounting feature, which aligns the three terminals with the rectifier package. This results in improved space utilization, decreased assembly and increased reliability. Each snubber network is constructed with two series connected RC legs and a common center tap terminal. Capacitance ranges from 0.0086 μF to 0.22 μF with resistor values from 2.5 ohms to 25 ohms in 20 watt heat sink TO-220 packaging. Operating temperature is to 105°C. The snubber network comes assembled onto an aluminum heat sink plate via mounting holes. Capacitors are individually tested for capacitance tolerances, dissipation factor, dielectric withstanding voltage and insulation resistance.


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