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Analog Switches and Multiplexers

Tue, 06/18/2002 - 12:41pm


The DG9400 series from Siliconix has low injection charges of 5 pC down to 1 pC. Speed and throughput with the devices are improved, with bandwidth up to 250 MHz. The devices in the series include the DG9411, DG9431 and DG9461 SPDT analog switches and two dual SPST analog switches (DG9232, DG9233), all rated for low voltage operation from 2.7 V to 5 V and feature on-resistance from 40 Ω to as low as 7 Ω. With the exception of the DG9411, these switches provide a turn-on time of 35 ns, a turn-off time of 20 ns, a low maximum leakage current of 200 pA, low charge injection of 1 pC, and minimum ESD protection of 2000 V. The DG9411 features fast switching speeds with a turn-on time of 9 ns and a turn-off time of 5 ns, as well as a charge injection of 5 pC.

Two new single SPST analog switches capable of operating on single and dual supplies (DG9421, DG9422) are rated for 2.7 V to 12 V single-supply operation and ± 3 V to ± 6 V dual-supply operation and offer on-resistance of 2 Ω, a turn-on time of 20 ns, a turn-off time of 22 ns, low leakage of 0.20 nA, and minimum ESD protection of 2000 V.

A single 4 × 1 multiplexer (DG9414) and a dual 2 × 1 multiplexer (DG9415), are both rated for low-voltage operation from 2.7 V to 13 V with 2000 V minimum ESD protection. Each device in the DG9400 family features a simple logic interface and is TTL compatible.


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