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Low Voltage Buck Controller

Mon, 05/06/2002 - 7:16am
ON Semiconductor introduced the NCP1570, an 8-pin synchronous buck controller that provides a small, cost-effective power supply for computing applications that require low voltage (down to 1 volt) and medium current level (up to 15 amps). Key applications for the NCP1570 include generating the 2.5 volt (V) VDD needed for powering Double Data Rate (DDR) memory for desktop computers and graphic cards. The device is well suited for powering graphics controllers, high-density Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). It can effectively be employed in small, high efficiency DC/DC converters as point-of-use power in computing and telecommunication boards. Additionally, it is an excellent replacement for high current, low dropout regulators (LDOs).

A fixed 200 kHz internal oscillator reduces external components so further reducing board space usage. A highly accurate (1 percent) 0.985V reference is utilized to generate an output voltage of 1V up to 3.3 V from a 5 V input. With a 12 V operating voltage, the NCP1570 is compatible for all standard computing applications. A synchronous V2 architecture delivers fast transient response (200 nanoseconds typical) to changes in load, and excellent line and load regulation.


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