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Logic Analyzer

Mon, 05/06/2002 - 7:16am
Tektronix announced a logic analyzer and probing system that enables engineers to test digital designs with speed, accuracy and reduced cost. Available in six modules, the TLA7Axx offers 8-GHz (125 picosecond) timing simultaneous with state acquisitions from 120 MHz up to 800 MHz clock rate and up to 1.25 Gigabit per second data rate. The TLA7Axx is available in 34, 68, 102 and 136 channel configurations, and 680 channels on a single time base is achieved using merged modules. It also features up to 256 Mb at 2 GHz deep timing.

A feature of the new TLA7Axx modules, Tektronix' new connectorless probing system provides a solution more advanced than any other probing technology on the market. The new probing system saves costs by eliminating the need for connectors. The P6860 high-density probe for single-ended signals and the P6880 high-density probe for differential signals eliminate multiple connections to the system under test. At 0.7 picofarads, the connectorless probing system exhibits low total capacitance, thereby increasing the quality of its signals. A third new probe, the P6810, is a general-purpose probe for both single-ended and differential signals and is compatible with conventional connectors.


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