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Fixed Wireless Access Transceiver

Mon, 05/06/2002 - 7:16am
REMEC introduced the latest product in its ExcelAir™ line of products for fixed wireless access. The ExcelAir MTR3010 Wireless Access Transceiver is an outdoor unit that combines an integrated antenna and frequency diplexed transceiver operating in the licensed 3.4 to 3.6 GHz fixed wireless access frequency band.

To insure superior link margins for operators, the MTR3010 has an 18 dBi gain, flat-panel antenna designed using REMEC's proprietary artificial intelligence optimization software. In addition, the transmit power to the antenna is 28 dBm (P1 dB) and is activated on a packet-to-packet basis. This dynamic transmit muting function insures low interference in systems with high subscriber density and reliability is enhanced because the overall heat dissipation is reduced. A low receive noise figure also contributes to excellent receive sensitivity. Local oscillator phase noise is also low, insuring that that the transceiver can process multi-carrier and 64 QAM modulated signals.


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