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Diode Switch

Mon, 05/06/2002 - 7:16am
Agilent Technologies introduced a new low-inductance wideband PIN-diode shunt switch offering industry-leading price and performance levels for applications up to 6 GHz, such as wireless LAN cards and radios. The Agilent HMPP-389T PIN-diode shunt switch combines low inductance, low capacitance and low package parasitics, increasing the maximum frequency at which silicon PIN diodes switches may be used. It is housed in the Agilent MiniPak package. At 1.4 mm by 1.2 mm, the HMPP-389T enables smaller circuit boards; is 0.7 mm high, allowing closer board spacing; and offers improved thermal conductivity for higher power dissipation than other surface-mount packages. The MiniPak is also lead-free for compliance with emerging environmental requirements. In addition to the HMPP-389T PIN-diode shunt switch, Agilent also offers the HMPP-3890 single PIN diode, HMPP-3892 anti-parallel diode pair and HMPP-3895 parallel diode pair in the MiniPak package.

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