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LICC Series Capacitors

Mon, 03/04/2002 - 3:49am
Leading passives manufacturer AVX Corp. expands its low inductance product offering with the availability of the expanding LICC Series. Designed for use in high-speed circuits, these devices provide design engineers with low inductance capacitors for microprocessor decoupling applications in computers and servers.

These low inductance chip capacitors offer designers a wide variety of size and voltage options as well as a low profile design. Ideal for surface mounting on densely populated printed circuit boards (PCBs) or for "inside cavity" mounting (adjacent to the IC itself), these chips have the unique ability to be placed between most vias.

Reverse geometry termination and the development of smaller case sizes have reduced the inductance of these capacitors by half, compared to conventionally terminated multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLC) chips of comparable capacitance and voltage ratings.

The LICC Series capacitors are available in X7R and X5R dielectrics, with capacitance values ranging from .010(F to 3.3(F and voltage ratings of 6.3 V, 10 V, 16 V and 25V. Standard capacitance tolerances are ± 10% and ± 20%, with operating temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125°C. A high reliability version is also available. The LICC Series capacitors are available in 0306, 0508 and 0612 case sizes. An 0204 case size is currently in development.


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