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Surface Mount RF Module

Wed, 02/27/2002 - 9:34am
Linx Technologies announced a new series of RF modules designated the ES. The ES series combines the cost and size benefits of the LC family, the range, noise immunity and performance of the HP series, and the legal attractiveness of future multi-band availability. Housed in a SMD package, the ES series offers a combination of features, performance and cost-effectiveness. The ES utilizes an advanced FM/FSK-based synthesized architecture to provide superior performance and noise immunity when compared to AM/OOK solutions.

A 56 Kbps maximum data rate and wide-range analog capability make the ES series equally at home with digital data or analog sources such as audio. A host of useful features including RSSI, PDN, audio reference voltage, LVL ADJ, low voltage detect, and a microprocessor clock source are provided. ES-series transmitters and receivers will be made available in a range of frequencies to take full advantage of worldwide applications. The first model operates at 916.48 MHz which in North America allows an variety of applications including data links, audio links, process and status control, home and industrial automation, security, remote control/command, and monitoring.

Like all Linx modules, the ES Series requires no tuning or external components (except an antenna). Availability of the TXM-XXX-ES and RXM-XXX-ES is expected in February. Module application will be supported by both Basic and Master Development systems.


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