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Mon, 02/25/2002 - 4:20am
Continuing to innovate on its offerings of direct incandescent replacement LED (light emitting diode) lamps for process-control and machine status-indicator towers, LEDtronics announced the availability of StackLED® SMT LED lamps. These lamps are manufactured using SMT (surface mount technology) processes and incorporate 1206-profile SMT LEDs, resulting in StackLED lamps with unprecedented brightness and reliability. Automated SMT fabrication enables more LEDs to be placed on a printed circuit board with greater efficiency and precision than possible with manual assembly. With a typical operating life measured in years not hours, StackLED SMT lamps provide substantial savings in maintenance and relamping along with the essential non-interrupted flow of information between machine and man. StackLED SMT lamps are ideal for indicator light towers on conveyor systems, pick-and-place assemblers, automated surface mount machines, process control lines and high-noise industrial environments. StackLED SMT lamps are plug-compatible with most major manufacturers' stack light towers, require no modification to the indicator column, and can be used with flasher circuits. With a wide choice of sizes, standard electrical bases, six sunlight-visible colors, industry-standard voltages, there's a StackLED SMT LED lamp to meet your requirements.

StackLED SMT lamps have double-sided printed circuit boards that have from 4 to 24, depending on the model, SMT LEDs on each side to provide 360-degree viewing. Electrical bases available are 15 mm DC bayonet, 9 mm miniature bayonet, candelabra screw and wedge based. Polycarbonate globes protect the printed circuit boards from impact and environmental conditions while optimizing viewing and dispersing light. StackLED lamps come in all standard voltages (12 V, 24 V, 120 V) AC or DC as well as AC/DC bipolar. StackLED lamps retrofit to a specific manufacturer's stack holder and are designed specifically to operate in those models. Choose from six sunlight-visible LED colors: Red (660 nm), Orange (610 nm), Yellow (595 nm), Aqua Green (525 nm), Blue (470 nm) and White (8000 K).

Incorporating state-of-the art LED technology, design and assembly, SMT StackLED lamps are built to withstand the mechanical (vibrations) and electrical stresses (fluctuations) that exist in the industrial environments where vertical indicator towers are commonly used. With an average life span of 100,000-plus hours (11 years), LED lamps operate more than 20 times longer than the equivalent incandescent lamp! Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to shock, vibration, frequent switching and environmental extremes. Savings from reduced maintenance costs and downtime quickly return the investment expenditure, which are important factors to consider when evaluating the financial aspects of installing LED lamps. LED lamps produce almost no heat and require 80% - 90% less operating power than equivalent incandescents, making them as friendly to the environment as they are to the operating budget.


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