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Filter Plates With Extended Capacitance Range

Thu, 02/21/2002 - 5:15am
Spectrum Control now offers a full line of filter plates with an extended capacitance range of 22 pF through 5000 pF standard. These filter plates eliminate EMI/RFI interference and provide a means of interfacing voltage and/or data to areas of a system while ensuring electromagnetic compatibility. Spectrum Control markets Easy Mate(r), Easy Mate(r) Jr., Bolt-in and custom filter plates for electronic systems in virtually all industries including telecommunications, aerospace, industrial and medical.

Easy Mate filter plates are designed to "snap" into the chassis, thus reducing installation time and overall costs attributed to mounting hardware and prepwork. Easy Mate and Easy Mate Jr. filter plates feature multiple finger ground contacts that provide the lowest path of impedance for noise to ground and excellent EMI filtering from 5 MHz to 18 GHz. Mixed capacitance values and schematics are available.

Bolt-in style filter plates eliminate the need to assemble filters into a bulkhead, offering total cost savings versus individually installed discrete filter elements. Spectrum bolt-in plates are available in an array of plate sizes and up to 74 lines per plate hi-density and 60 pins per plate standard density. Custom designed filter plates may be specified to suit any size, material or filtering requirement, including the attachment of wires, harnesses and cables. Contact Spectrum Control for details.


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