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Dry Film AC Capacitor

Mon, 02/04/2002 - 3:31am
A new series of film capacitors for motor run applications where high PWM and other feedback currents are present on top of the line frequency offers superior performance versus other brands, because of the unique high current and response terminations and the dry film construction, that results in improved space utilization and reliability — is now available from the manufacturer, Electronic Concepts, Inc.

The 5MPA Film Capacitor Series are supplied with robust bolt down terminations at voltage ratings of 530 VAC. Capacitance values up to 10 μF are supplied with a brass bolt termination and higher values to 100 μF are supplied with a unique "bridge & bolt" construction, both with multiple internal soldered contact points for high current distribution and current handling.

Performance properties include continuous operation to +85°C with current handling spectrums from 50 HZ line to 20 kHz superimposed feedback. Intended for use in 480 VAC motor drive systems and other high power AC systems, the units are wrapped with flame retardant insulating sleeves and endfilled with flame retardant potting compound. Current handling capabilities from normal line frequency currents to 83 amps RMS from 2 kHz to resonant frequency. Capacitors are individually tested for capacitance tolerance, dissipation factor, dielectric withstanding voltage and insulation resistance.


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