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DCS Receive Band Pass Filter

Wed, 02/27/2002 - 9:34am
K & L Microwave model WSF-00177 is a DCS Receive Bandpass Filter offering low insertion loss and selectivity in a small size. The unit's applications include filtering for pico, micro and macrocell base station installations, as well as general purpose handset or equipment test systems.

The WSF-00177 offers 1.5 dB maximum insertion loss and 15 dB minimum return loss within the 1710 to 1785 MHz passband. Rejection is specified at 50 dB minimum from DC to 1615 MHz, 50 dB minimum from 1805 to 2700 MHz.

The unit is packaged in a 5.45 inches L × 2.67 inches W × 1.67 inches H housing, excluding Type SMA-F connectors. The operating temperature range is 0°C to 50°C.


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