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Wed, 02/27/2002 - 9:34am
IFR Systems announced a new communications service monitor for testing conventional AM and FM radio systems to 1.05 GHz. The 2944 1.05 GHz communications service monitor is designed for maintenance, repair, and field testing of AM/FM analog receivers, transmitters, and repeaters. Versatile, rugged, and lightweight, the 2944 combines a number of instruments into one conventional box, allowing users to make exacting measurements whether they are in the workshop or in the field.

The 2944 communications service monitor is designed for the wireless testing professional. It features a full-span spectrum analyzer, narrowband and broadband power meters, audio analysis tools, a full-featured signal generator, and a digital storage oscilloscope.

The spectrum analyzer operates from 100 Hz per division to full span with a fully adjustable reference level. Its speed is comparable to analog analyzers, allowing real-time adjustments over the displayed dynamic range. The optional tracking generator can align duplexers and filters. With the optional "look and listen" feature, users can tune the analyzer to a particular frequency and then listen for AM or FM audio signals. Channel stepping is performed by defining an increment and using the FREQ keys, which is especially useful for testing multi-channel systems.

With better than 2 micro-volt sensitivity, the 2944 will measure the power of low-level signals such as those encountered when monitoring off-air signals or those found when probing a circuit. Measurements up to 150 watts are possible without the need for external attenuators, so high-power base stations can be measured directly. Measurement accuracy of better than 10 percent is guaranteed down to 5 mW on the N-type connector, allowing mobile units to be qualified at lower power levels.


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