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Type AB 2mm Hard Metric Male and Female Connectors

Mon, 01/07/2002 - 3:47am


AVX Connector Division announces the availability of its Type AB 2mm Hard Metric male and female connectors. These connectors are part of the 8071 Series, which meets the IEC-61076 standard. This series uses Elco's Varipin( press-fit compliant pin technology, eliminating the need for soldering. The press-fit technology guarantees equal force on the complete contact length, allows up to three exchanges of contacts and provides vibration and corrosion resistant connections with low transition resistance.

Designed for gas-tight press-fit installation, the AB-style right angle female connectors are supplied with or without upper ground shielding. AB right angle female connectors provide the same positive card alignment as Type A, but without the loss of pins in positions 12-14.

The 8071 Series Type AB right angle females are available with 95, 110 and 125 signal contacts arranged in five-pin rows plus shield. Vertical males have five rows of signal pins plus two rows of ground contacts, designed to accept the pre-alignment guides available in 95, 110 and 125 signal contacts. Custom pin loading of males is available by using any combination of 12 different pin types.

All 8071 Series connectors provide 2 mm contact spacing, a current rating up to 1A and voltage ratings up to 250 V. Made with phosphor bronze contacts and polyester shrouds, the connectors have a contact resistance of 20 m( and an operating temperature of -50 to +125°C.

AVX's Multi-Line Module Connectors are available with type A, AB, B, C, D and E right angle receptacles for daughter cards; type A, AB, B, C, D and E straight plugs for backplanes, type A, B and C shrouds for backplanes and coding keys for type A.


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