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Port Enhanced Conference Board

Mon, 01/28/2002 - 3:29am
AMTELCO proudly announces the NEW XDS Infinity Series H.110 CompactPCI 256/512-Port Enhanced Conference board. This new board utilizes proven XDS core processor and ECTF H.110 technology. It is H.110 compliant, and provides hot-swap capabilities.

The XDS H.110 CompactPCI Enhanced Conference board is available in either a 256-port configuration, or a 512-port configuration. The flexibility of this board allows developers to use these ports in various combinations to create the conference size needed. For example, conferences can include a maximum of 64 parties in a single conference, or a maximum of 168 independent conferences on the 512-port board (or 84 independent conferences on the 256-port version). Full-duplex, transmit-only, and monitor-only connections are possible. Transmit/receive attenuation adjustments are possible on a per-input basis, or globally for all inputs of a given conference. The XDS H.110 CompactPCI Conference board can generate its clock signal internally, or derive it from any one of the standard clock signals present on the H.110 bus.

The XDS H.110 CompactPCI 256/512-Port Enhanced Conference board includes DTMF detectors on each individual conference input, so that DTMF tones can be detected, filtered, and reported back to the software application on a per-input basis. Energy detectors are also present on each individual conference input. These detectors can monitor relative energy values of each input, and can be used to determine the loudest talker, or the average energy value of all inputs of a given conference.

This board includes an analog port, which is accessible through a front panel audio jack. This port can be used to monitor a conference, or provide music-on-hold capabilities.

Software drivers for this board include Windows ® NT® 4.0, Solaris, and Linux operating systems. Software driver support for additional operating systems, including Windows 2000, is under development.


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