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Dual Input Portable Spectrum Analyzer

Mon, 01/07/2002 - 5:35am
Avcom-Ramsey Technologies has released the new PSA-45DSI, the latest addition to the PSA-45 series of lightweight spectrum analyzers for antenna alignment and L-band signal monitoring. This new analyzer features dual input which allows connection to two LNBs simultaneously. The LCD can show either LNBs' output or both side by side. A new, 22 kHz signal has been added for switching dual LNBs. The display is a high contrast, 5.7 diagonal backlit LCD. This 1/4 VGA display gives good resolution, and is easily viewed even in full sunlight. Thanks to low power draw, this analyzer utilizes a single 6 V battery pack, and weighs only 8 lbs.

The PSA-45DSI has frequency coverage of 950 - 1450 MHz, though signals just outside the band are also visible. Viewing the entire band enables the user to quickly determine polarization, and adjust for peak signal level. The screen has a fast refresh rate, so that response to dish movement or signal variation is almost instantaneous.

The PSA-45DSI has been designed with the satellite technician in mind. LNB power selector (12 V/off/18 V) and 22 kHz signal selector (on/off) are provided. On-screen menu function keys control selection of either or both inputs, display contrast, a peak hold function, toggle grid lines on and off and control a horizontal marker. Other controls include adjustable span plus center frequency tuning, providing additional resolution and information.


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