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Digitally Programmable Potentiometers

Mon, 01/28/2002 - 3:29am
Catalyst Semiconductor announced that two new Digitally Programmable Potentiometer (DPP™) integrated circuits have been added to its AE2™ (Analog EEPROM) mixed-signal product line. The new CAT5111 and CAT5113 have 100-taps, or steps of resolution, and are controlled over a simple 3-wire, digital up/down increment interface. The CAT5111 features a buffered wiper and can be used as a three-terminal voltage divider. The non-buffered CAT5113 can be used as a two-terminal variable resistor or as a three-terminal resistive divider. Both devices have 1-percent resolution and resistance value options of 10 kohms or 100 kohms.

Wiper position is stored in nonvolatile memory and is not lost when device power is removed. In addition, wiper position can be adjusted to test new system values without changing the stored wiper position. The CAT5111 uses a buffer configured operational amplifier to minimize errors if there is potential wiper loading. Operating voltage range is 2.5 volts to 6.0 volts. Supply current is a low 100° microamperes maximum.

The CAT5111 and CAT5113 have the same pinout.

Potential applications include optical networking, telecommunications, instrumentation, white goods, power supplies, power meters, temperature controllers, smart instruments, personal communication devices, office equipment, automatic test equipment, Internet appliances, cell phones, industrial process controllers and communication systems.


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