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Bluetooth Power Amplifiers

Tue, 01/29/2002 - 3:56am
Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX2244/MAX2245/MAX2246 family of 2.4 GHz power amplifiers (PA) designed for Bluetooth Class 1 radio modules. The PAs integrate a closed-loop power control circuit that enables a near constant output power over full temperature (-40°C to +85°C), voltage supply (+3.0 V to +3.6 V), and input power range (-4 dBm to +4dBm). Compared to a discrete implementation, the integrated closed-loop control circuit saves 24 components and significant board space. The PAs are available in the tiny 3 × 3 ultra-chip-scale package (UCSPTM), measuring 1.56 mm × 1.56 mm. The small size makes them ideal for embedded Bluetooth application in cellular phones, notebook computers, and PDAs.

MAX2244/MAX2245 are optimized to deliver a robust +22 dBm output power with 30% power-added efficiency, which overcomes the filter loss between the PA and the antenna and enables +20 dBm to be delivered at the antenna. The MAX2246 is optimized to deliver +20 dBm output power at a 30% reduction in supply current.

The PAs feature an analog power control pin, which allows continuous control of the output power from 0 dBm to maximum power, covering Bluetooth Class 1, 2, and 3 power levels. The closed-loop power control keeps the output nearly constant at any power level between 0 dBm and maximum power. A 1 microamps low-current shutdown mode is available to extend battery life. Internal circuitry automatically controls the ramp up/down of the output power level during turn-on and turn-off to meet Bluetooth spurious emissions requirements.


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