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2500 VA Inverter

Tue, 01/29/2002 - 3:56am
UNIPOWER Telecom's new INV2500-HS telecom inverter is a hot-swap inverter producing 115 VAC at 22 amperes RMS to give 2500 volt-amperes output. The unit has the best power density in the industry with its 2 U (3.5 inch) high by 8.5 inch wide by 12 inch deep package. The companion 2 U hot-swap shelf allows for two 2500 VA inverters to be operated in redundant, 1+1 mode or non-redundant at 5000 VA output. Multiple shelves can also be paralleled for higher power applications.

The INV2500-HS produces a near-perfect 60 Hz sinusoidal output waveform with ± 0.1% frequency stability. Total harmonic distribution is less than 2% and efficiency is 90%. The 48 VDC nominal input has a 42 to 56 VDC range, and the unit is fully isolated from the battery. An input circuit breaker turns the inverter on and protects the battery from input faults.

The inverter has a 300% surge capability for starting into inductive loads such as motors, but the output breaker quickly trips if power tries to flow back into a faulted inverter. The output can power any load from +90 to -90 degrees phase angle. He INV2500-HS is self-cooled by two internal fans. Front panel LEDs indicate inverter status and Form C alarm contacts are available on the back of the unit.

The INV2500-HS is ideal for UPS backup applications, telecom sites, and fuel cell and solar power applications. Companion 1 U high AC distribution breaker panels are also available from UNIPOWER for ease of installation.


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