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Snap-in Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Mon, 12/10/2001 - 3:33am
Because of the continued push for higher energy density and smaller size in motor drives, UPS systems and power supplies, there is a growing demand for increased ripple-current capability in bus capacitors. It's the bus capacitors that take the heat from equipment downsizing because the new designs impose more ripple current per capacitor and use fewer or smaller capacitors.

To meet this need Cornell Dubilier announces immediate availability of Type 381LR, 105 °C Ultra-High Ripple Snap-in Capacitors. This new type is capable of handling more than 25% higher ripple current in the same or smaller can size compared to typical, 105 °C capacitors such as the firm's Type 381L.

As an illustration, compare 470 μF, 450 V in a 35 mm diameter by 50 mm length can among different snap-in types. The 381LR can handle 2.5 amps of 120 Hz ripple at 105 C. That's 50% higher than the typical 1.7 amps possible in most other types.

Type 381LR has a voltage range from 200 to 450 Vdc and in capacitance values from 56 to 2200 μF 䔸%. Case sizes range from 22 mm diameter by 25 mm height to 35 by 50 mm. The rated life test is 12000 hours at 85 °C with full load and conducted per EIA Interim Standard 749. This test procedure requires mounting the capacitors sideways and is more severe than typical industry tests in which the capacitors sit on an oven shelf.


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