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3.3 V Nonvolatile SRAMs Provide Up To 16 Mb Density

Tue, 12/18/2001 - 3:47am
Dallas Semiconductor introduces the DS1270W/DS1265W/DS1249W as the latest additions to Dallas' nonvolatile (NV) SRAM product line. These 3.3 V encapsulated modules employ an industry-standard 8-bit SRAM interface, self-contained lithium energy cell, and control circuitry for reliable data protection for up to 10 years.

The 16 Mb DS1270W, the 8 Mb DS1265W, and the 2 Mb DS1249W each provide the user with the same performance advantages of conventional static RAMs, plus all necessary circuitry in order to monitor the system power supply to automatically write protect and preserve the memory. The control circuit also prevents any premature memory access during power-up until the system supply has stabilized.

The DS1270W and DS1265W are both available in a 36-pin plastic DIP, and the DS1249W is available in a 32-pin plastic DIP. All three products are available in either 100 ns or 150 ns performance grades and are electrically compatible with the other Dallas 3.3 V NV SRAM products to allow easy memory upgrade.


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