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Ultra Wide Band Bias Tee and DC Block

Thu, 11/29/2001 - 8:39am
Anritsu Company introduces the V255 Gen II Ultra Wide Band Bias Tee and V265 DC Block that feature Anritsu's V Connector® to create excellent performance over the 50 kHz to 65 GHz frequency range. The V255 and V265 have been developed specifically for next-generation OC768 optical systems that operate at 40 Gbps and other high speed pulse, data or microwave applications.

The V255 Bias Tee is designed to handle 10 V and 400 mA of DC bias current. Typical insertion loss through the Bias Tee is 1.5 dB, with a typical return loss of -12 dB over the 0° to 80°C temperature range. Designed to simultaneously apply both DC and RF drive signals to a device via a single input port, the V255 Bias Tee features fast rise times of 3 ps typical and flat group delay of 125 ± 2 ps. The V255's high current carrying capacity with such low losses and broadband frequency response make it ideal for use in biasing 40 Gbps optical modulators and 40 Gbps data drivers.

Featuring the same high performance, the V265 DC Block has a typical insertion loss of 0.9 dB at 65 GHz, with a typical return loss of -13 dB. The DC Block also has a 3 ps typical rise time.

Because both the V255 and V265 are designed with V, the components have excellent impedance match across wide bandwidths. The high performance of the V255 is achieved through Anritsu's patented true coaxial structure that uses the V Connector's center conductor to provide an Axially Resilient Coaxial Connection. This connection is comprised of a cylindrical center conducting member of the V Connector with a central bore and slots that form fingers, and a cylindrical pressure contact member that is inserted into the cylindrical conducting medium.


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