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Surface Mount Transformers

Mon, 11/26/2001 - 3:50am
Providing circuit designers with a surface mount transformer available in custom ratios, the TT electronics BI Technologies Magnetic Components Division has expanded a current sense transformer featuring optimal performance at 250 kHz and above. Designated the HM33 Series, these compact transformers are ideal for switching supply applications and are compatible with surface mount machine-assisted placement.

Made of a compact ferrite core, the HM33 Series transformers are uniquely designed to achieve maximum performance in a small package. Congruent with surface mount process temperatures, this construction is suitable for use with surface mount pick and place machinery.

The HM33 Series offers turns ratios ranging from 1:30 to 1:125 at 10 kHz, thus minimizing the wattage of the terminating resistor. Custom ratios are also available to accommodate the specific needs of circuit designers. Inductance values range from 180 to 3000 μH, with maximum dc resistance down to 1 Ω, depending on the design. Operating temperatures range from -25°C to +105°C


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