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Piezoelectric Surface Mount Sounder

Mon, 11/12/2001 - 3:34am


Murata Electronics North America announced the introduction of their newest piezoelectric surface mount sounder (PKLCS1212E4001-R1). Taking advantage of extensive acoustic and mechanical design technology and high performance ceramics, Murata has developed an inexpensive, SMD sounder that conserves currents and suits the thin, high-density design of electronic equipment. Even with its smaller size, the previous sound pressure level (SPL) rating of Murata's larger SMD sounder (PKMC16E-4000-T0) can be maintained in the miniaturized package.

The smaller sounder (12 mm × 12 mm × 3 mm) is an ideal replacement for more expensive electromechanical sounders that often have substantial current draw requirements. Piezoelectric based sounders are used as low current drain audible devices (1/15 of electromechanical sounders) for many applications where small size, SMD mounting and low current consumption is preferred or required. These applications include Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), Automatic Toll Collection units and most handheld, battery operated devices such as Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) receivers.

> Aside from being miniaturized, Murata's new sounder has several additional features including gold flash electrodes for optional conductive glue mounting, re-flow soldering and lead-free construction. The new sounder is also available in tape and reel packaging for automatic placement md> as opposed to the older and less convenient plastic tray delivery system. p> In many handheld applications, the sounder is driven directly by a Complimentary-Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor (CMOS) based Integrated Circuit (IC). If the sounder is an electromechanical type, additional external components such as a transistor, diode, resistor and capacitor may be required. SMD piezoelectric sounders have an advantage over electromechanical sounders because they do not need additional external components when driven by a CMOS IC. This can offer designers additional opportunities for space saving and cost reduction, potentially in PDA or other handheld applications. co>B>>/B>/t1>


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