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Ladder Network

Mon, 11/19/2001 - 3:41am
Providing design engineers with resistor networks that offer superior accuracy and increased space savings, the TT electronics IRC Advanced Film Division recently introduced 8 and 10-bit tantalum nitride R/2R ladder networks in a QSOP package. Designated the QS009 and QS014 Series, these ladder networks feature output accuracies to ± 1 LSB (least significant bit) in a highly reliable surface mount design.

Constructed with IRC's tantalum nitride on silicon, the R/2R ladder network is highly resistant to corrosion and reliability problems typically associated with nichrome resistor networks. The unique properties of the Tansil® manufacturing process offers long term stability under heavy loads and high temperatures.

The Tansil® QS009 10-bit network and QS014 8-bit network are ideal for use in a wide range of applications requiring reliable digital to analog conversion within a limited footprint, including shaft encoders for inkjet printers and power supplies for high intensity discharge headlamps.

The QS009 and QS014 Series are available with resistance values of 10 K/20 K and 25 K/50 K with absolute TCRs to ± 25 ppm/°C. These networks feature ratio tolerances to ± 1 LSB with TCR tracking to ± 5 ppm/°C and operating temperatures ranging from -55°C to +125C. The QS009 and QS014 both feature absolute tolerances of ± 2%.


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