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Hot-Swap Switch

Mon, 11/05/2001 - 3:56am
Maxim introduces the MAX5910 and MAX5917, the industry's first fully integrated +65 V hot-swap switches targeted at the emerging IP phones, wireless LAN access nodes, and data terminal equipment (DTE) that require data and power on the same cable. The devices allow safe insertion and removal of the DTE cable from a live port without causing glitches on the power supply.

Dubbed the Simple Swapper™, the devices require no design and no external components for most applications. Both devices include an internal 2.2 ohm power FET. The MAX5917 complies with the IEEE802.3af power requirements. The MAX5910/MAX5917 limit the maximum load current to 240 mA and 400 mA, respectively. Both devices include a "zero-current" detection feature that detects a load disconnect. Other features include undervoltage lockout, ENABLE pin, error flag output, and thermal shutdown.

Operating at a +10 V to +65 V input voltage range, the MAX5910/ MAX5917 include error flag outputs that monitor four fault conditions: UVLO, power-not-good, zero-current detection, and thermal shutdown. If any fault condition occurs, the error flag outputs are asserted low, thereby providing an alert condition to the system microprocessor.

Rated for extended temperature range (-40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius) operation, the MAX5910/MAX5917 are available in surface-mount 8-pin SO and 16-pin SO packages.


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